What if What You Are Experiencing Now is YOUR New Normal?

All of us have a "normal" – a way of living and thinking that is routine and comfortable – our comfort zone, if you will. In that zone, we have confidence that our abilities, skills, and talents can handle the challenges of life. We know how to make a living and be successful. We are familiar with the surrounding culture, sure of ourselves, and where we are heading. "Normal" is like your favorite pair of great fitting jeans or your favorite easy chair that you sit in. It just feels right.

"New normals" are like getting a new pair of jeans that are stiff and not yet broken in. It's not just getting a new chair, but more like getting a completely new and unfamiliar room. "New normals" seem to come out of left field, somewhere beyond our control and radically disrupts our way of living. In fact, we are most often moved into "new normals" by circumstances outside of our control. It could be a pink slip, a bad medical report, a dying business or industry we have poured our lives into developing, or even a faltering economy. Recognizing and understanding when your current career, business model, or life direction has changed or is no longer available to you is the first step in moving toward a more successful future. In other words, you have to let go of your "old normal" to fully engage your "new normal." While that may sound simple, actually living this out is not. Many people don't even recognize their normal has changed. They are still waiting for their world to get "back to normal" so they can experience success in their business and life once again. If you find yourself waiting for normal to return – whatever that normal is – one question needs to be answered. What if what you are experiencing now is your new normal?

In this powerful book, Leadership Performance and Business Coach, Jeff Orr, not only reveals how to recognize when your old normal is gone but gives specific strategies to fully engage and succeed in the new normal.


"Jeff's insight into recognizing how "waiting for things to get back to normal" stops progress and achievement professionally and personally, is something everyone can relate to. With the practical tools found in this book, professionals of all levels can be empowered to fully engage their new normal and achieve new levels of success and self-satisfaction."

- Johnnie Johnson
President/CEO, World Class Coaches

"The strategies in this book help you focus on what's really important in business and life. The chapter on identifying and understanding core values that make your personal life and your business unique, makes this book a valuable resource you can't afford to be without!"

- Dr. Christopher Bonin
Total Lifestyle Chiropractic


Who Is Jeff Orr?

Executive coach, transformational speaker, mentor, business owner, leader, author – these are some of the words that describe Jeff's career over the last 18 years working with For-Profit and Non-Profit organizations. His unique insight into aligning a leader's values with their experiences, skill set, goals and objectives allows clients to realize new levels of professional and personal development. Jeff's passion for seeing leaders reach and exceed their goals comes through in his one-to-one coaching sessions, keynote speaking engagements, leadership retreats and seminars.

Through his coaching company, In Demand Leadership, Jeff empowers executives, leaders and business owners to succeed in the things that matter most to them. Based in the foundation of core values, Jeff coaches his clients from a perspective of pursuing and living out those values to bring about true success and satisfaction in their business and personal life.

Jeff also has affiliations as a certified performance coach with World Class Coaches and The Oechsli Institute. Through these affiliations, along with his own coaching company, Jeff coaches Fortune 100 executives, realtors, elite financial advisors, doctors, professional athletes, professional artists, small and mid-sized business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals.

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